Finding Joy in the Journey

Progress Report

I worked up the courage to weigh myself this morning. Since I started Whole30 (and my new part-time job) I have lost seven pounds. I’m satisfied. Do I wish I had lost 20 or even 15? Yes. Have I felt deprived, hungry or grouchy? Nope. Except for missing my sweet tea and a shot of chocolate now and then, I have not had any cravings. Not even for bread! The weight loss is a great trade off for the smell of fresh bread or brownies baking at Sam’s Club. (How do I always manage to get there when the bakery is baking? Just dumb luck, I guess.) Have I faithfully stuck to the fast for a full 30 days? Not exactly. Our family has been out to eat several times. I was a good girl every time except one. 

Now I have to admit that in It Starts With Food, the authors are very clear that nothing takes precedence over the 30-day fast. However, since 30 days will not get me to the goal line of reduced inflammation and weight loss, I decided to give myself a little break now and then. This “fast” is the ideal plan for me for the rest of my life. So, when a family or fellowship meal comes along, I may not stick exactly with the plan. Even seven pounds a month will eventually get me to my goal and ease my pain. 

I am convinced this is my answer. Thank You, God.

Sorry I’m not writing more often, but I am a busy lady! I’ll try to write more often.

Until next time,


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