Finding Joy in the Journey

Float Like a Honey Bee?

Busy little Honey Bee, buzzing all around
Hubby Bee said, “Honey Bee, sit down!
You are buzzing everywhere, take it easy, please.
I know you’re feeling better, but take care of those knees!”
Honey Bee replied, “Hubby Bee, don’t worry.
I know what I’m doing; I won’t be sorry.”
Early next morning as she rolled out of bed,
Honey Bee grimaced, “I should’ve heeded what you said.”
“Told you so,” Hubby Bee replied,
Never forget, I’m on your side.
Your knees just started healing, you know it’s true.
No more buzzing all around, you must take care of you!”
The moral of this story is plain to see…
When Hubby Bee talks, listen carefully
And follow doctor’s orders to pamper your knees.
One day soon, just wait and see
You will buzz, buzz, buzz till eternity.

Yeah, I’m Honey Bee. I spent the weekend pain-free, y’all! No kidding! I went out on a date with Hubby Bee on Saturday; I even went up a few stairs (not too many). Sunday I went to church and friends told me I was beaming. One friend said I look 10 years younger! I’ll take it!

Alas, it was short-lived. Monday morning my knees were screaming! I’m nursing them now with ice. Today was my third week anniversary since I received my stem cell injections. I’m still hopeful that once my weight comes off, the knees will no longer hurt. I pray so.

As for my Whole 30 journey, today is day three. Today, I ate boiled eggs and a sliced tomato for breakfast. I worked today, so I ate nitrate-free ham and two tiny mandarin oranges. My beverage today was water infused with fresh strawberries. I found a Whole 30 recipe for pork chops and potatoes with savory sauce and I can smell it baking now. I’ll let you know how it turns out. :0) For dessert, I will have strawberries.

Not gonna lie, I would love to have a glass of sweet tea right now! (Not gonna do it!)

I had a bit of a rough start without my hot tea this morning; I had a headache. It went away around 10:00 am.

Only 27 days to go on round one! Thanks for coming along on my journey.

Until tomorrow,


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