Finding Joy in the Journey

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

I renewed my blog today. When I saw the date of my last post, I was shocked! So much has happened the past few years. My elderly mother came to live with us; our son got married and gave us a beautiful daughter-in-love and we built and moved into our new house near Atlanta. My husband started a new job (hopefully his last one before retirement) where I’ve been blessed to volunteer; and we joined a loving church family.

I was also blessed with new challenges. Yes, I said, “blessed.” I have been a Christian for 44 years. I’ve traveled through a few valleys, and I’ve rejoiced when God led me out. So now as I face some pretty painful physical challenges, I know that something great is waiting for me on the other side. I can see a pinpoint of light through the tunnel of despair and pain. And, I thank God for it.

I’m about to start a new Bible study with my friends in Sunday School. It is Think Differently: Nothing is Different Until You Think Differently by James McDonald. Boy, do I ever need to think differently! God did open my eyes during our study of Romans in Bible Study Fellowship this year. It’s something I knew deep down already; my execution of the concept, however, was sorely lacking. My physical challenges have left me exhausted, discouraged and often broken. My prayer life has consisted many days of cries of, “HELP ME, JESUS!” Ever been there? Whew!

I opened my email this morning to the most encouraging message I have ever received, from an amazing woman of God. She told me I am loved. I am part of a family. The women in the class barely know me, yet they have embraced me and offered to help me as I walk through this valley of pain. I am rarely at a loss for words; this morning, having no words, I wept. Those tears, however, came from deep in my heart, a heart filled with gratitude and awe that the God who created the universe listens to me. He listens. He understands. He knows what I need even before I do. And He loves me so much He guides me in ways I cannot see. It is only in looking back that I recognize He was the rudder of the ship all along. Though I am rocked by emotion, stress and pain, He keeps me afloat and on course.

So, “Who Am I and Why Am I Here?” To glorify God. Always. More to come. See you tomorrow.

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